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Almost 2007

It's almost 2007 - happy New Year! Since, I think, 1998, Lynne Featherstone had been blogging as a Lib Dem councillor for Muswell Hill. She then became a GLA member and now blogs as the MP for Hornsey and Wood Green. She has been followed by Neville Collins, a Lib Dem activist, Cllr. Emma Jones (Lab, Bruce Grove) and Cllr. Matt Davies (Lib Dem, Fortis Green) in the world of blogging. They all have one thing in common: they espouse views from the centre-left. This blog has three purposes:

1. To offer Haringey residents a viewpoint from the centre-right

2. Promote Conservatism and David Cameron in Tottenham

3. To keep me out of trouble (I spent too much time in pubs!)

We all know that blogs can be dangerous - especially for politicos like myself. And I know that they'll be people from rival parties watching every word I type. You are more than welcome to post comments - supportive or not. But please try to use your own name and refrain from personal abuse.